Did you see the Hindi newspaper I was featured in? Radio Show MP3 Here, too

Did you see the newspaper I was featured in?
It is India’s largest paper. I guess handwriting analysis
is really becoming an international news story.

And, download a recent 60 minute Interview where I was the guest… mp3. Very informative!

===> Read article here from the Hindu!

Or, it could be the fact that this month,
we are taking applications for the new class of Forensic Document

Examination students

and we are including 10 Indian students this semester too. So, if you live in India, contact Dr. Parag Katri for enrollment details.

There is still time to get your application in for school, no matter
which country you live in.

DOWNLOAD THIS INTERVIEW in mp3 format to your computer or iPOD


Oh, today’s online newsletter also includes a 58 minute mp3

audio file about handwriting analysis and spiritual enlightenment.

You will like this radio interview I did in San Diego, CA, recently.

Lot’s of cool stuff, just read it all online! Listen and learn.

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Bart Baggett

President of Handwritinig University International

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