Saturday, 14 Dec 2019

Is This Marriage Headed for Divorce?

Bart Baggett’s January Newsletter and Announcements! 1. FEATURE STORY: “Is This Marriage Headed for Divorce ” by Bart Baggett 2. Invitation: Live telel-class with Bart Baggett “Everyone NEEDS this knowledge. I’ll never date or hire anyone ever again without analyzing

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National Handwriting Week

1. Featured Story: “Success Through the Stroke of a Pen” a National Handwriting Week Special Feature2. Specials: Get certified as a Handwriting Analyst! 3. Student Comments: See how Handwriting Analysis has changed the lives of our students around the world!

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Introduction to this Site.

This is the official newsletter site for Bart Baggett’s Weekly Strokes handwriting analysis, graphology, and personal development newsletter. Subscriber here, or get the RSS feed. Learn more about all the programs, books, teleclasses, newsletter, articles, and video certification home study

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