January 2017 Enrollments & Emotional Selling Transcripts

REPLAYS AND TRANSCRIPTS January 2017– Marketing Mastermind #1 Replay Available.  January 29th,  – Marketing Mastermind #2 Replay Available Marketing Mastermind #1 Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind Description: Enrollments and Signing up high paying clients. The 12 step enrollment map. Your First 1000 prospects in your email list.  Website reviews. Date & Time of Class: Sunday, January 15th, Replay Available […]

Private Facebook Group.

The private Facebook group is here.  This is the first place for class notifications, questions, and community engagement. You have to be logged in and invited to the group.. But, first, you must be a FB friend of Bart Baggett…, Doc Grayson, or Brianna Fish… since they are the administrators of the group.  Only those […]