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Consulting Services

When you need some high level expert insight on a project, business, or a person in your life. There is no substitute for a customized and private session with Bart Baggett.

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Most "consulting clients" hire Bart Baggett for his
expertise in one of the following areas:

1. Handwriting Analysis / Transformational Coaching 2. Internet Marketing

Have a private handwriting analysis session to discover the inner most secrets, motivations, and personality style of your or someone you care about. Or, you might want some personal coaching at a critical time in your life to assist you in making the right decision on your life path.

For Forensic Document Examination & Expert Witness Services, please visit this site.

If you own a business that sells products online, you might want Bart's insight into getting more traffic, converting more sales, or choosing the right marketing strategy.

You can choose one session or 12 months of ongoing consulting.

Read More About 12 Month Program.

3.Marketing Advice for Authors 4. TV & Film Producing

Since turning a bookstore failure into a six figure business in the tiny niche marketing of handwriting analysis, Bart has mastered the marriage of direct marketing and publishing. If you are a writer or publisher, you can turn any publishing business into a residual income of six figures.

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If you want to produce, host, or star in your own non-fiction TV show, you might need a veteran TV personality and someone who's pitched to the major TV networks. Don't blow your pitch meeting because a poorly designed treatment, bad sizzle reel, or missed legal step.

Per Session Rate: $1000
Flat project based programs and 3-12 month consulting packages available

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"I found your material Excellent.
It is everything you promise and then some..."

Your sincerely
Cristiano Silei, Director of


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