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Opposite PCMC,
Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Pimpri, Pune - 411018

Saturday & Sunday

8:30am- 6pm

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Bart Baggett's Success Secrets &
Personal Transformation Weekend

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Event Date: September 8th and 9th, 2012
Pune, India

Bart Baggett is coming to Pune, India to teach an amazing 2 Day "Live Event" this September. He is hosting a life-changing seminar which contain success secrets and life transformational strategies which are not available in any book or CD program of his. This will impact your life in so many positive ways... from your own ability to manifest more money, more happiness, more peace, and more career success.

Plus, this event will directly impact your ability to coach and transform others through using what you learn.


Learn the success secrets of great artists, entrepreneurs,
and pioneers and discover your own "life legacy" through
the power of Bart Baggett's transformational tools.

You will discover a part of yourself which has greatness and feel the confidence to take action on your dreams.

This seminar includes so much more than his famous handwriting analysis tool. It also includes, NLP, belief systems, Transformational Grapho-Therapy, and his latest tools & strategies never published before.




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Bart Baggett - Author of Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy and 5 other books. .
He is a world renown handwriting expert, actor, Motivational Speaker and TV personality. Meet him in person this July in India.


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Dear Friend,

Imagine sitting on the front row as the most famous handwriting analyst the world speaks to you about life, handwriting analysis, success, and the seven keys to effortless transformation. This is a special two day event which can transform your life (and your family) into a life of legacy and pride.

Inside of your mind already exist dreams, visions, and ideas which can turn your future into a magnetic story of meaning, significance, and success. Bart Baggett will spend two magical days helping you access your true potential and breakthrough fears and beliefs that have been holding you back.

Forget everything you thought you knew about personal growth seminars...
Bart Baggett is in a class of his own.

Bart Baggett has been compared to Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, and even Richard Bandler for his outstanding live presentations and ability to entertain, educate, and enlighten the audience.

As you might know, Bart has leveraged his fame into a Hollywood acting career, radio host, and enterprenuer. Learn from one of the most well respected authors and speakers in the world on "handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy" as he gives the "7 Keys" to transformation using a variety of easy to learn tools.

This seminar is much more than personality through handwriting analysis. In fact, if you already have some graphology training, you should be in the front row because he will reveal some "advanced traits" only available to his "mastsery level students". But, if you have never heard Bart speak... you are in for a real treat.


(All Levels of Students Can Attend. No Pre-Requisites required for this seminar. )

checkmark Discover What Really Motivates You.
checkmark Tips for Effective Lasting Change in Bad Habits.
checkmark Program more Wealth Thinking Patterns into your subconscious.
checkmark Learn the 5 Key Success Systems Rich People Utilize Daily.
checkmark Be more Effective in Attracting Wealth and Keeping it.
checkmark Change Other's Life Through the Power of Grapho-Therapy & Advanced Coaching Skills.
checkmark Begin to Attract Wealth Unconsciously.
checkmark Discover why the "Law of Attraction" doesn't always work as promised & how to make it.
checkmark Create your own 6 Minute Meditation designed specifically for your dreams and goals.
checkmark Analyze your own personality strengths and weaknesses through your handwriting.
checkmark Learn to erase fears and limitations through Grapho-therapy and coaching techniques.checkmark Success Secrets of Residual Wealth
checkmark How to choose a career based on your strengths & personality type.
checkmark Create a legacy... not just a job.
checkmark Finding your core values and belief systems quickly and accurately.


Bart will be teaching much more than Grapho-Therapy and handwriting analysis. It will be a weekend of transformation combining many various techniques from around the world with his own special brand of humor, easy-to-understand lessons, and practical exercises.


Personal Transformational Tools

Saturday and Sunday is the "Level One" Workshop in Personal Transformation. This is Bart Baggett's personal "coaching handbook" on how to guide yourself and others from where they are... to where they dream of being.

Bart specifically focuses on manifesting career, business, and personal emotional states of joy, happiness, and deep fulfillment. Bart combines dozens of techniques to create an effective and proven system for transformation. If you are a counselor, coach, or a friend... you can utilize these tools to help others. However, you are the first client (of yourself) and you will be transformed just by attending this two day workshop.

Bart Baggett's last visit to India was 2011 and this might be your last chance to meet him live for many years to come. Clear your schedule and be in the front row!

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Now Taking Registrations - Call Today to Reserve Your Ticket


bonus item *Early Registration Bonus.

(For 1st 25 Registrations only)

Early Registrations will be given a complete copy of Bart's best-selling book "The Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy". If you register in person, pick up your book when you make your registration. We encourage you to read every page before the seminar begins on Friday evening. If you register via credit card, our USA office can provide a PDF copy for you to start reading until you pick up your actual book at the event, when you arrive.

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(Two Day Event - September 8th - 9th, 2012)

Venue: Hotel Citrus

Purchase Tickets Soon, Prices Will Go Up
Super early bird - Rs. 7800
July 1st to July 31st
Early bird - 9100
August 1st to August 25th
Late entry - Rs. 11000
August 26th and onwards till event date


How to Buy Tickets and Confirm Your Seat

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Who to Contact. How to RSVP

Pune Resident
or student of Mr. Pradeep Kirpalani

If you are out of station and coming into Pune, please inform the event organizer.

Event Organizer: Pradeep Kirpalani, PUNE
Tickets Contact: Shweta Gupta
9850220539 or 020-65334292
Venue: Hotel Citrus

* If you have any questions, please call the event organizer above.

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This seminar is limited to first 75 participants who RSVP. Spaces Extremely Limited.



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