Have you ever thought about having a life changing transformational trip and adventure in India?

Have you thought about meditating on your life purpose in an actual ashram in India?

Have you thought about going on a jungle safari where The Jungle Book was inspired over a century ago?

If so, now you can come along with Bart Baggett as your personal guide, friend, and mentor to explore your inner and outerworld in a deeply personal and life changing trip.

bart as ashram tamajal buddhist temple girl waving

From the Desk of Bart Baggett:


Imagine riding an elephant through the dense Indian forest watching herds of orange giraffes run free and tigers hang in trees.   

If you’ve seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Roberts, this trip really isn’t like the movie one bit… except you might find some spiritual awakening. You won’t be scrubbing floors at a dingy rundown ashram.  We’re not going to go to Italy and you won’t gain 15 pounds.

On this trip, you will receive a moderate dose of spirituality, fun, and adventure all mixed into one trip of a lifetime. And, you’ll get so clear on your life purpose that your ability to manifest a better life will triple… maybe quadruple once you return home.  You see, this is more than a trip with a group of friends… it is a mental quest which starts before you set foot on the airplane this summer.


In addition to this international adventure (which I’ll be at your side the entire time) I’m going to take you through the specific process of honing down on your life’s purpose, your dreams, your desires, and your goals.  I’m going to share with you very specific tangible tools to help you manifest the dreams that you’ve had in the back of your mind—or in the forefront of your thoughts—into reality.  And we are going to do this in less time than you may think is possible.

This is not just pipedreams and promises. I’m going to teach you the techniques I personally use on a daily basis.

I’m going to leave out any fluff and hype normally associated with a “self-development” seminar.  I’m not going to ask you to walk on fire, sign up ten friends, or jump up and down for five days.    Also, this event won’t be a primer for you sign up for a $100,000 coaching program (which does not exist, by the way.) This trip is the end-game… a more fulfilled life is the end-result.

This adventure includes more than the “time in India”.  Your journey begins when you start filling out the application, read or listen to 5 very specific books I will assign to you before the trip starts.  You will have lots of thinking, creating, writing, and  meditation time.  Plus, I will guide you through the 4 weeks private tele-class which I will host before the trip starts this summer.

During this time, I’m going to help you isolate what’s really important to you… and how to have more of it.  Actually, this is really a trip about adventure and living your life “on purpose”.  What is your life purpose and how do you live every day on that purpose?  It will get you away from your everyday “grind” so that you will be able to think from a more playful, creative, spiritual place. Besides, it is going to be a heck of a lot of fun!



Some would say that this is an opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime. The inspiration for this trip started back in 2005 when I took forty people to Costa Rica to help them focus on their life purpose. That trip inspired a process in me to help others refine what’s important, and to have a life-altering adventure at the same time. The Costa Rica trip was very successful, and I loved every minute of it.  (I event took my Mom… she loved it.)  I have received a lot of e-mails and a queries asking me when I’m going to create another spiritual adventure vacation. Well, this is it… the wait is over.

Please note that I don’t particularly see myself as a ‘magic guru’.  I don’t perceive myself as having all the answers, and I don’t pretend to, but I will tell you this:  I do have some answers and I’m willing to share them with you. I’m willing to share them with you in an intimate, exclusive setting with a very small group of people. 

I will be right beside you as we ride that jeep through the jungle, as we shop for incense in little shops in Bangalore, and as we meditate in a Buddhist temple.  Plus, depending on the time of the year... I have some very exclusive events which are impossible to attend in the United States … like attending an authentic Indian wedding or be one of my seminar staff members at a live event with 200 Indian Students to help teach self-improvement techniques. Once you select the time of the year, we will inform you of the detailed agenda.



bart india bart india bart india stage

This is an incredible adventure. It’s a unique adventure.  You will remember it for a lifetime.

However, it’s not an adventure open to everyone… I will be selective and I want you to make sure this is a good fit before you submit the application.

I know that you could buy a ticket to India, go see the Taj Mahal, and go on a jungle safari by yourself without me and probably do it all for a whole lot less money.  I’m fully aware of that. Even alone a trip to India will cost anyone from the USA over $3000 in airfare & hotel fees. So, I know this trip isn't inexpensive... but it is worth the investment.

The reason you may want to tag along with me is that the particular mental trip I will guide you one far exceeds the value of the physical trip.  Trust me on this. It is not a 15-hour-a-day self help seminar.  You will have plenty of time to have fun, laugh, eat great food, and take photographs. There will be no walking on hot coals or jumping out of an airplane. You won’t have to dance to Mariah Carey music and sing at the top of your lungs.  (Optional, but not required). It isn’t a Tony Robbins seminar (although that is a lot of fun, too).  This is an adventure of the body and soul in India.



I’m going to personally select six applicants, and if they all bring their best friend/ spouses we could have up to twelve people.  If we get 12 amazing applicants, then I would consider taking up to twelve individuals…but I want to keep it intimate.... between 6-12 people. You and I will leave as friends and travel companions with shared memories of a lifetime.

I want to be able to spend time with you personally. The reason I’m asking for handwritten applications is that I want to make sure the group is cohesive. I don’t want to bring… shall we say… a squeaky wheel who wants to get all the grease. I don’t want to bring someone along who may distract others from achieving their purpose or from fully experiencing the adventure they expect.

There is a general outline of the trip below.  We have a couple of exclusive opportunities that you simply couldn’t get without going with me. One of them, if the dates align with your trip, will be the Indian wedding of some dear friends of mine in Bangalore. It will be attended by a couple thousand of our Indian friends who most study handwriting analysis and will treat you like a celebrity!

On most of the trips you will get the chance to attend or be a staff member at a large seminar with hundreds of Indian students that will want your assistance and expertise. You will enjoy the experience and might even end up on stage teaching your own section! (If that appeals to you.)



seminar students  

audience bangalore



I would also highly encourage you to join us on a little shopping spree and get some really nice Indian formal gowns, sarees, Inidan pajama suites and other wonderful Indian clothing so you can feel like one of the locals.  That will be a lot of fun… and you might by some silks and scarfs why you are shopping. 


rafi and bart   market


dense jungle house boat tiger jungle
I’ve also scheduled an authentic jungle safari. We’ll actually spend two nights and three days at one of the beautiful national parks in the State of Karakata (South India) known for it’s forests and jungles. 

Finally, we’ll spend some time at least two authentic Ashrams and or meditation centers around Bangalore.

In addition to meeting the locals, we have some wonderful people who have already volunteered to meet us at the airport and escort us on every part of the adventure…taking us to the best restaurants… the best local places and making sure that we are totally safe and secure during our entire trip. 


  temple wedding  



If safety is a concern for you, I should let you know that one of the first visits we’ll make will be to the Chief of Police in Bangalore (who is a friend of mine.)  I often have police escorts when I’m in town and we have a great relationship with the city officials because our campus and students in Bangalore are such an essential part of the city.

As you may know, our biggest Handwriting University authorized campus in the world is in the city of Bangalore India There are literally thousands of raving handwriting analysis fans of and every one of them would like to be your personal tour guide.

So, why would you want to go on this trip with me… instead of going to India by yourself?

Quite frankly, that’s what I want you to tell me.


The application process is simple. Just enter your name and email on our private "I'm Interested in Learning More Email List". You will be instantly mailed my top 6 books and an email with more details. Then, when we confirm the next trip date, we will email you a PDF application form that you can fill it out in your own handwriting and email, mail, or fax it to us. No obligation now. Just raise your hand and let us know you are interested in learning more.

Before you submit your application, I want you to know what this trip is and what it is not.

It is not a trip where we’re simply going to get on a bus and go tour a bunch of old buildings and ancient monuments. I encourage you to stay in India after the trip is over and go to the Taj Mahal, go to Bombay (Mumbai) New Delhi, and Varanasi to see the many amazing sites India has to offer.  These are all wonderful destinations you’ve seen on TV, and it would be great for you to extend your trip to do that, or maybe visit them before your time in Bangalore.

The 9 days that you will be with me in and around the city of Bangalore (South India), your time will be structured and we will keep to a very specific timeline. We have designed it so that you (and your spouse/ best friend /partner, can  go with us to the different destinations with me at your side. Some trips might include Mumbai or Varanasi... we will confirm as we get closer to the trip date.

You’ll also have plenty of downtime - of course you can go shopping, jogging, and do some personal fun stuff as well. I’m even going to show you my favorite custom jewelry store in the whole world which is located in a small back alley in Central Bangalore where I have been buying amazing, customized jewelry for the past five years. Also, I’ll show you some of the little places that I like to say are “exclusive and unique to my personal experience,” having spent so much time in India.

So, let’s get back to the reason I ask why you might want to go with me on this specific adventure.  If you like me and my work…and if you like spending time with interesting people… doing something besides being poorly dressed tourist when in a foreign country… this might be a good fit for you.

The application is designed so that you can tell me why you really want to go, what you’re looking for, and why you’re a good fit.

I honestly feel that I can profoundly contribute to the quality of life of the few people who choose to go on this trip with me.

If you’re already the richest man in the world or you’re already spiritually enlightened way beyond me and living your life purpose everyday with total ecstasy… maybe I should be attending your next seminar and you shouldn’t submit an application to this trip.

On the other hand, if you are totally broke and you’re thinking about to spending your rent money on this trip, I would strongly insist ask that do not submit an application.  I don’t want this trip or this “bill” to create any more stress in your life.  So quite candidly, there is a special person who is probably looking for this kind of adventure, and I would like you to explain that to me why this is you.  If it is not you, no hard feelings… this is not for everyone.

I will read all of the applications. In exchange for submitting your application (which I know will take a while…probably 30 or 45 minutes),  I will have one of my staff call and thank you. Furthermore, I’ll also e-mail you the reading list of “Bart’s 6 Most Influential Books” which will be required reading for those attending this trip.  This list consists of six books that have changed my life and we’ll be discussing the ideas of these books on the trip. So, even if you aren’t chosen for the trip, at least you can get a reading list of powerful books which provide guidance toward getting some of the answers that you seek.

As I stated, this trip is not just about going to India as tourists to see the Taj Mahal. In fact, we’re not even seeing the Taj Mahal during our time together. But I do encourage you to see it while you are in India. It’s one of the most amazing architectural structures in the world… and it is located about 12 hours away by train from Bangalore. This trip is about having a spiritual adventure and receiving some personal guidance on what matters most in your life.  And, I’m a heck of a lot of fun to travel with!

If you’re interested, please call me at 1-310-779-7224 or 1-800-398-2248. I will get the necessary details from you, including your e-mail address, name and phone number, and will send you a pdf file link to the handwritten application form, along with more information about the trip.

The reason we ask you to provide your name and e-mail is that we are curious to know who’s interested in this type of trip and keep you informed each time we host a trip... even 2 years from now. If you’re someone whose name I don’t personally recognize, then it would be good to get to know you, too. Unless you’ve attended a live seminar or frequent the tele-classes, I might not recognize your name and I like to know who is interested in these types of adventures as we create new programs throughout the world.


I hope you find this trip exciting and if you do... I'll see you in India.




Author of Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy
Handwriting University International – President



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