How to Join the Marketing Mastermind Community

Uh-oh! Bad News…

We are not currently accepting new members into just the monthly Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind live phone calls and coaching.  Each month Bart is still hosting the private training with his current members.  While the enrollment for JUST the marketing mastermind is closed to new members for a few months, there is a way to join the community now and not be put on the 6 month waiting list.

All you have to do is join the Marketing program.  The marketing mastermind live classes and archives are only available as part of this program in 2016.

1.  Become an Authorized Mentor through Bart Baggett’s handwriting university.  Read more here.

Check back on this page for future updates.








For any question or to order by phone call our office at…

(310) 684-3489 ext. 2

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18 thoughts on “How to Join the Marketing Mastermind Community

  1. Hey Bart,

    I’m a DJ working on publishing and writing my 1st book. An urban-fiction/memoir: “Gangsters, Strippers & Tippers: Memoirs of a DJ” (Hardcover + Audiobook + Mixtape)

    Question: From your website you have worked with a lot of authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, etc., Will your marketing programs work well with urban-fiction authors and writers? Or, with a DJ? Lol.

    If so I would love to start getting updates and newsletters from you.

    Ken Lawrence
    CEO and Author at 77 Media Publishing Company

  2. Is your course only meant for existing wrtiers?

    for those who do not write but wish to have an income from book publishing with kindle, will this course be suitable ?

    I am from Singapore, Asia and am not a business owner.

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