How to Join the Marketing Mastermind Community

Good News.  The Marketing Mastermind program is open again for enrollment. 

If you want high-level live consultations on all things related to marketing, submit your application now to be considered into this unique community of experts, counselors, and consultants now.

Many of the current members are also part of our Authorized Mentor program or graduates of our PRISM Life Design Coaching Program. In the past, you had to be a graduate to join. Now, all members of our extended community can apply for membership.

However, we have opened the Monthly Marketing Mastermind training up to anyone who could benefit from Bart’s advice and strategic live business coaching.   The marketing mastermind Live Classes cover all areas of marketing for small business owners, speakers, experts, consultants, coaches, non-fiction authors, and service providers.  If you are selling stuff on amazon or run a retail store, this community is NOT for you.  We teach smart people how to sell information and high-ticket coaching and consulting services.

Please call our office to make sure you are a good fit or talk about how this community can increase your marketing efforts, get more clients, and improve your message and bottom line profits. There is a handwritten application process and a zoom interview.

If you get accepted,  we strongly suggest making a one-year commitment to attend the live zoom pieces of training and give yourself time to review the key pieces of training and replays that directly apply to your business.

You will get over 80 hours of video training unlocked along and over 15 hours of word-for-word transcripts as part of the online archives.  Don’t worry, you will only be asked to watch the videos that apply to your specific strategy (books, webinars, zoom classes, etc.) Plus, since we have been doing this for years, you get all the past archives from 2015-2022 unlocked for your review.

This “Vault” of recorded video and audio training is part of the reason you pay a one time fee of $995 and starting in month two, you pay a flat monthly fee of just $79, as long as you stay as an active member.  Most members have been with us for an average of 2.5 years. That is a LONG time considering most monthly program clients quit after just 2 and half months.


1.  Join now using any  major credit card (sorry no paypal) and attend the next live class via your phone or internet connection.

2.  You instantly get access to the Marketing Mastermind BEST OF Archives which is over 10 hours of quality training covering important areas such as getting leads, building an email list, using Facebook advertising, The $100,000 enrollment conversation, how to make money speaking for free, and building your speaker’s kit.  (much more).

In 2022, we have ONE two-hour class per month usually held on the last Sunday of each month. 8am or 10am CST.  Our friends in Australia and Singapore really can’t stay up past 11 pm, so this time works for most people in the USA and parts of Asia.  In the video, it says we have two classes per month… but we have found one long class is plenty and if you need extra support Bart can make himself available to you.

Click here and get enrolled into the Marketing Mastermind Community.

How to Join the Marketing Mastermind Community


Just $995 now and $79/ month billed every thirty days.

P.S. Some people have questions as to how this program is different than Bart’s other programs.  The answer is simple. This is the only LIVE training where you speak directly to Bart Baggett about business and marketing.  Most other programs by Bart Baggett are either pre-recorded or they are on psychology …. not business success.   Unless you have hired Bart Baggett for one-on-one consulting, there is no other program to get his marketing and business growth advice.

BONUSES for enrolling this month.

1. Marketing Mastermind interactive Facebook secret group.

This secret group will contain a free flow of questions, answers, and engaging conversation between the instructors, the students, and each other. So, in between live classes and Q & A, you have a resource — a community — to help get your questions answered. You can share successes and connect with fellow classmates in a private secret Facebook group.

Value $997

2. The ART of the PRISM Enrollment Sales Conversation.

This is a full video training and the word-for-word, 50-page transcript on how to turn the PRISM assessment into an enrollment conversation. This is an essential core marketing strategy to turning prospects into high-paying, valuable clients. Even if you don’t know the PRISM processes, any form of private coaching and personal transformation will apply. We we want you to change lives.  One-on-one coaching is the best way to truly impact people and earn a nice living helping others. Almost all of our members do some private coaching or counseling at some level.

Value $497

3. The Customer Journey Training.

This is a full 2 hour video training and the word-for-word, 80 page transcript on how to turn a cold prospect into a long-term customer through automation and understanding of how a customer takes a JOURNEY with you from the moment you meet this person to having a working relationship, 10 years later. This concept is at the core of how you automate the process of getting new clients.

Value $497

4. The Six Core Elements of Attracting New Clients

This is a full 2 hour training video which explains the core pieces of how to automate the attraction of new clients so you can focus on what you love to do: consulting. You spend less time shaking hands, passing out business cards, and attending networking events. If you follow this training, you can have prospective customers calling you. They will book PRISM Assessments or reach out to you on auto-pilot. This training teaches you how to automate your marketing and spend your time focused on what matters most to you.

Value $497

5. The Video Replays of all classes held in 2017-2022

You get full access to the video training held over the past three years.   Plus, many of the special classes were transcribed word for word.  Remember that members paid a monthly fee to be on those trainings, so that is over $4500 of training given to you as an enrollment bonus.

Value $4500



Call us today at 310-684-3048 to schedule a free business marketing “Strategy Session” or to see if this program is a great fit for you.
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For any question or to order by phone call our office at…

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Office Hours Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm.
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