April Marketing Mastermind for Authorized Mentors of Handwriting University


Marketing Mastermind April 2018




Authorized Handwriting University Trainers Marketing Mastermind The Client Training Updates and Customer Connection

Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind

Description: Bart Baggett’s monthly mastermind.

Date & Time of Class: APRIL

Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind

This training call has been broken into two one hour videos for replay.

Part One:  New updates and training strategies for successful Authorized Trainers


How to test someone who speaks Hindi or Chinese language for tests and finals.

How to improve your enrollment conversations

What is the one script you must install onto your website for retargeting customers and keeping track of your visitors.

How to teach new students as a Mentor using the online system and videos.

Probation and Authorized Mentor rules and procedures for attendance and production.

How to not get kicked out of the Authorized Mentor program in 2018.  Do these two things and you are safe.

April’s action items for Authorized Mentors

Minute 50.  Why all students in 2018 must watch 100% of the videos on the online course.

Minute 52:  Why cheating and helping students are a fine line you cannot cross.


Part Two:  More marketing strategies for enrolling students, marketing online, and building your funnel.  Watch the last 10 minutes about the importants of retargeting Google adword pixels and Facebook pixels.



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