April Four Class Launch Sequence – Get Your Zoom Marketing Funnel Built Now.

Preparing for a live event is a perfect venue to clarify your message, get used to changing people in groups, and BREAK FREE from the one-on-one hourly model of providing transformation for people.

It’s really the best way to begin to scale your knowledge and start turning yourself into a celebrity expert. Plus, you can pitch and sell ideal clients to your high-ticket LONG TERM transformational program during a ZOOM live class or a live event.

The goal this month is to create and launch both your FREE ONLINE ZOOM class and ENROLL clients into your High Ticket Program where long term habits can be formed and lasting change can take place with weekly or monthly interactions. Come to class with both of those “programs” ready to perfect, discuss, and build-out.

Accelerated Live Quarantine Classes. April 2020. Attend and Let’s Launch Your Online Class.

Please watch available replays and do your homework the best you can while posting on in the Facebook group for feedback from fellow Mastermind Members.

The Facebook community where you post wins, questions, and samples of your sales letter for feedback. You cannot find a winning headline without TESTING and getting feedback. Use the Facebook group as a free test group:

Please watch the replay of December – March recordings to get up to speed on this ongoing assignment. So, clear your schedule and be there live and in person. You cannot get personalized coaching and feedback when you are not present.

If you did not do your homework, you are behind. It will be more fun for everyone and check the Facebook page for feedback.

This live class is for all current members of the Marketing Mastermind Program, Speakers, Trainers, Experts, Prism Life Design Coaches

The live classes will be 4 weeks in April and there is no extra charge for our members who are used to visiting once a month.

April 5th – 8 AM PST – 2.5 hours replay online https://bartbaggett.com/marketingmastermind/april-5-replay/

April 12 – 8 AM PST 3 hour replay now online. https://bartbaggett.com/marketingmastermind/april-12th-zoom-funnel-replay-reviews-and-redirects/

April 19 – 8 AM PST https://bartbaggett.com/marketingmastermind/april-19th-zoom-marketing-funnel-class-3-of-4/

April 26 – 8 AM PST

Please watch the February and March Replays if you were not there. There is specific homework about getting your Core High Ticket Offer correct at the right price is essential to making this strategy effective.

The Facebook community is where you post wins, questions, and stats on your campaigns:

Go here and register for the upcoming next live class:


zoom.us/join —> Meeting ID: 810-585-320

URGENT. —> ZOOM now requires a password for all events. The password is MM2020. If you do not REGISTER and do not have the password, the system will NOT allow you in the room.

Here is the chat messages from April 5th. Feel free to use the private Facebook group to offer suggestions and improvement.

02:02:07 Kayce Neill: Are you interested in learning how to heal your low self-esteem through handwriting analysis?
02:07:41 Nidhi, Write2Win: Tupperware – 5 quick ways to enhance your child’s focus and control anxiety and temper ?Core offer- F.A.M.E. Profiling “Formula 2 Raise a Happy & Confident Child” ?A workshop for Conscious Parents & Teachers
02:07:50 Divya Gupta: Understianding Teenagers Through Their Handwriting
02:07:50 Scott Rose: Emerge from quarantine 10 pounds lighter!
02:07:55 Elana Michelson: free- how to change any bad feeling into a a good feeling in lrss than 5 min
02:08:01 LAWRENCE LANOFF: How to turn panic into pleasure and freedom
02:08:13 Kayce Neill: Zoom: How To Survive Quarantine Together, Without Killing Each Other. Offer: 5k – 8 week coaching package to learn (NEED A NEAME)
02:08:13 LAWRENCE LANOFF: The ultimate freedom program
02:08:15 Neelam kriplani: free offer … on low self esteem
02:08:31 Neelam kriplani: core … discount on 101
02:08:33 Elana Michelson: paid- how ti empower your inner child from a more successful future
02:08:46 Divya Gupta: Understanding Teenagers Through Their Handwriting /Tackling Teenage Tantrums Core Offer- Certification Course

02:08:49 Nidhi, Write2Win: Free session – 5 quick ways to enhance your child’s focus and control anxiety and temper Core offer- F.A.M.E. Profiling “Formula 2 Raise a Happy & Confident Child” A workshop for Conscious Parents & Teachers

02:08:52 Scott Rose: Free: Emerge from quarantine 5 pounds lighter.
Core offer: Lose 20 pounds in 2 months.

02:08:54 Ken dubner: how feel less anxious during the coronavirus crisis
02:09:27 Christina BLU: Destress in less than 5 minutes! Core offer: 2 month personalised 1 on 1 sessions package.

02:10:58 Ken dubner: how feel less anxious during the coronavirus crisis
Core offer- Life’s Secret formula for confidence online coaching program
02:11:48 LAWRENCE LANOFF: How to make a million bucks by the end of corona and have everything you want

02:11:53 pooja saran: “Science of Instant Likeability”
02:14:15 Scott Rose: Love Pooja’s line: “Science of Instant Likeability”! I would attend that!

02:18:25 LAWRENCE LANOFF: Learn How to have energy sex so you can stay connected to your lover over zoom / Skype / phone
02:20:32 Kayce Neill: Zoom: “Learn the secret to creating a thriving, happy, fulfilling relationship [during quarantine]”
02:21:57 Kayce Neill: Authority and credibility is SO important

02:29:30 Kayce Neill: How to not f*ck up your diet during the quarantine in 5 easy steps
02:33:20 Divya Gupta: Keto Way to Weight Loss and Health Management

02:33:26 LAWRENCE LANOFF: Teach Your Monogamous Partner How To Be Excited About You Dating Other People.

02:33:59 Divya Gupta: Weigh Loss the Keto Way !

02:34:39 Bart Baggett, Host: Clickfunnels is the best lately for landing pages. Lead pages is second place.
02:34:42 LAWRENCE LANOFF: ClickFunnel

02:34:48 Divya Gupta: Cutting Carbs the Keto Way

02:35:19 Kayce Neill: Start with the best now so you don’t have to transfer later on
02:35:35 Kayce Neill: acuity is the BEST!
02:44:37 Christina BLU: 12,000 a week, x 52 weeks potentially 624,000$ For high ticket offer.
02:47:16 Nidhi, Write2Win: Thanks Bart and full group for all the inputs, Bye
02:47:25 Christina BLU: Great call everyone! thanks Bart!


Here are some sample sales pages you can use for inspiration to build your own.. However, don’t let the graphics distract you. Step one is the WORDS on the page.

Here is a terrific sales letter that made Frank Kern over $1 million.

Get file here. KernMassconvversionSalesLetter.PDF

Jesse Itzer sales pages

Build Your Life Resume Sales page: https://bylr.co/

Copywriting sales letter



Live Design Live Page with tickets and event details: http://lifedesignlive.com/

Unstoppable your course sales page: https://unstoppableyou.net/learn-more.html

Here is a bullet point summary from Frank Kern. “WHAT I GOT” simple approach.

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    Here is a bullet point summary from Frank Kern. “WHAT I GOT” simple approach Where is the summary

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