Certification Course Fall 2020 Enrollment Funnel

This short video reviews the new “application funnel” to be utilized by handwriting university mentors and trainers who want to earn big commissions on the International level 301 mentoring and certification course.

Start sending what’s app messages today and get those enrollments paid and onboarded by mid-December.  Deadline for applications is November 30th, but you can get “special permission” to accept late applications if we have room.

The three-page application funnel is explained.  This is applicable to ALL coaching programs, but all Authorized Mentors are required to use this funnel and can start promoting today.

Send all your leads to this page.

Step one: https://go.handwritinguniversity.com/international-certification-course-application1606023078522

Step two: https://go.handwritinguniversity.com/application-step-2

Step three: https://go.handwritinguniversity.com/congratulations

Let us know when they call you and tell you they have submitted an application.


Every day, you can check for your OWN leads using this private google spreadsheet.  By accessing this, you are promising NOT to contact any leads that do not list yourself as the MENTOR.  Our team is NOT going to follow up on your leads.  You are responsible for interviewing them and discussing them with an Authorized Trainer or International Directory to get permission to accept them.




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