Feb 2023 How to Use AI to Sell More and Attract More Clients

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Discover the real power of the new Chat GPT to Get More Clients.


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How can this help your business?

  • How to use the CHEAP Facebook Ads Secret Button to make you famous for only $5/ day.
  • Use the power of Ai to write your blog articles, blog outlines, and even short books.
  • Write your emails and marketing headlines in minutes (not hours)
  • re-write blog articles for SEO (without plagiarism) for placement on your own website
  • Use AI to SEO every page of your website in minutes.
  • Draft business plans, books, and articles with a few keystrokes.
  • Create social media post Quotes and Content in a few hours, not days.

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Here is a link to WRITE AN AD about the Signature Makeover Workshop (Click link for new window/ video)

Here is the 5-minute sample embedded below.

“Write a 200-word blog post on the topic of reducing anxiety in the voice of Anthony Robbins using tools from the field of N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic programming). Please include the technique of re-framing and the technique of submodalities”

Here is what I had it give me in exactly five minutes




Bonus Tip. Want to get traffic and views and even get a check from youtube?

This short video explains how you can use the power of Chat GPT without every having your face on a video and build traffic and interest around one specific topic with 8-second youtube videos.  Mind blown.


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