February 28th Selling More “Sizzle” and Less “Steak”

The replay is now live



  • This class was about 70 minutes. Watch the replay.
  • The new Mental Fitness International Brand and Life Design Breakthrough Course offering will increase your conversions on your free zoom workshops or presentations. Plus, I will take PITCHES for tentpole big webinar events where we can get 60-100 attendees with a big of advertising budget and emails to our list.
  • And, a quick review of the Handwriting University Live Class Schedule that can inspire FOMO in your prospect database and provide that extra motivation to get them enrolled at the price and service level that they choose.
  • Your questions, sales pages, and offer reviews.  Use the Facebook page to post your pages and offers.


Other topics:

We will be reviewing your sales presentations and discuss what is working best with your ongoing enrollments.  This class will be highly focused on the Handwriting University Authorized Trainers, but all are welcome

We have a new PRISM program called The Breakthrough which we will start taking enrollments in April. This could really double or triple your income from the Signature Makeover Classes.

We will also discuss the changing pricing structure for the Level 101 wholesale fees and the Facebook ads fees. We want you to be our partner and understand the costs involved.

Also, we are going to host large 80-200 people zoom classes later this year on topics that will create lots of new prospects to listen to your lecture and you will have the opportunity to pitch them on the training.  I will be taking pitches for your unique 90-minute topic-centric class, which we will help you promote.

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