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Thursday, May 14th May Mastermind #1: The blueprint for getting leads online

Thursday, May 28th MAY Mastermind #2: The 8 minute lecture to sell 


red_blank_calendar_iconMastermind #2: 8 Minute Lecture Blueprint. *Most important seminar for speakers

Title: May Mastermind #2
Date & Time of Class: Thursday, May 28th

The structure of your free lecture which turns audience members into buyers. Use this structure for all your lectures from 10minutes to 90 minutes.  Even if you are not planning on selling from the stage, this structure is key to allowing the audience to be engaged and understand that you can be hired for specific reasons, even if you are not allowed to sell from the stage.


Click here to watch the video replay.


Download the WORD document with overview (shown on webinar)
Download the more detailed time breakdown in EXCEL worksheet format.

Both of the above files are in  a ZIP file . Right Click and Save As.

EXCEL spreadsheet with Kindle Promotional Checklist.

Lecture format minute by minute for maximum enrollment.








Full Class Transcript, every word… with images below. Right click the PDF image below.




Time Code Topic Being Discussed                     Learn More
[10:31] Know the structure how to engage people to continue business with you after speaking.
[13:21] Composing an introduction that can kill you or can make you in front of the audience.
[17:13] Know how an introduction can specifically tailor the products to sell effectively at the end of the lecture.
[20:07] Know how to break the Ice and change the emotional state of your audience away from boredom so you are the focus.
[23:35] The right way to tell a catchy story.
[31:35] The breakthrough story which leads to your product or service.
[44:10] Sense of concrete purpose – How to make people realize as “Why” should be big enough.
[46:24] Why are testimonial so important ?
[50:25] Sharing the “irresistible offer” that will make them feel safe saying “yes” and creates a sense of urgency and scarcity.
[55:35] The close.  Take your time.  Stay in the moment. You must leave time for the close.  If you do not leave time, you will leave money on the table.






red_blank_calendar_iconMastermind #1  Authorized Trainer Lead Generation Class. Advertising online using a microbook and VSL.  The ad blueprint.

 Title: May Mastermind #1
Date & Time of Class: Thursday, May 14th, at 8:30am PST – / 11:30am EST

Here is the video replay. Opens in new window:



All powerpoints and zip files for Authorized Trainers will be available inside the above password protected website only to those Mentors and Trainers and Campus Owners who have signed written “Trainer Agreements.”  If you are planning on becoming an Authorized Trainer, please submit your paperwork so you can have the legal rights to start utilizing some of the intellectual property discussed on the call and provided for you. If you are not an Authorized Trainer, then you have full access to the notes (below) and the recording which provide insightful and useful strategies which my corporate clients are paying $5000- $25,000 to access.  You are welcome to model the landing page and write your own micro-books.  The ideas are all yours. Enjoy.

Notes from the this past Training Marketing Call

New Authorized Trainers Page (Private Site). Here is the secret site built just for Authorized Mentor and Trainers of Handwriting University. 


Build Your Landing Page. Getting Leads for Local Classes.

Later this month you will have to create a user name and password. When that occurs you will login here:

The Sale Funnel Process.  

Free Lectures >  Paid Lectures > High End Training & Consulting


Watch this video if you do not know your exact “funnel”.



Running Time Seminar Topic                     Learn More
[01:57] Vesta Abel: Site & Business update and wholesale order process for Authorized Trainers.
[05:00] Building Your Own Authorized Trainer Page and ordering products for your customers Trainers Ordering Procedure
[08:16] Secret Site for Authorized Trainers. Procedures and Training. http://handwritinganalysis.org/authorizedtrainers/trainers-only/
[11:52] How do I take credit cards on my website.  Not an affiliate… trainers are a reseller.

Online Payment Merchant-Square

[12:04] Credit Card Merchant Processor – Anovia https://acnlogin.shopacnrep.com/en/for-your-business/merchant-services.aspx
[12:14] Simple and Integrated Online Payment- Paypal https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/accept-payments-online
[13:51] What is a Shopping cart where I can create order forms, see my orders and manage my email
list without spending extra money?AWEBER is for email only.



[22:25] Blueprint for Traditional 1 Step Lead to Sale Model Advertisement -> one on one sales conversation ->process order ->service product delivery.
[22:48] Recommendation:
Rewatch this training from April Mastermind Call to understand the blueprint for online sales.
Explains the one step and two step selling process online.
Go here to review and watch: https://bartbaggett.com/marketingmastermind/mastermind-april-2015-schedule/
[23:28] Problem with Traditional Model. This process is it’s not scalable. It is very slow and time intensive way. And you can’t do more than 100 or 200 people a month, but once you get to a thousand people you are not sleeping.
[29:38] Example of a direct AD to Sales conversation. http://handwritinganalysis.org/authorizedmentors/vestaabel/index.html
[30:04] How do I get my own Authorized Training Landing page ?
[33:57] Here is the OPTIN page for Jamie’s Parents/ Kids Free Video offer.  (Yes, a book would get higher conversions, but we
are offering a video in this case.)
[52:52] Do we have to have a website to run Facebook ads and get leads into our email list? No, you have to have an account with leadpages  and some email provider that integrates with leadpages.
[53:25 You have to have an account with leadpages  and some email provider that integrates with leadpages. There are other options of companies like LeadPages. This is Bart’s current favorite. leadpages free trial
[55:07] Handwriting University Authorized Trainers Page (Private Site for Trainers and Mentors only). http://handwritinganalysis.org/authorizedtrainers/trainers-only/
[56:04] Parents Who Want To Improve Kids Life – OPTIN PAGE from Authorized Training in Singapore. Sample OPTIN PAGE:


[57:11] Relationship Based Pain Points: Sample OPTIN PAGE https://happybuddha.leadpages.net/copy-edit-5-insecurities-that-will-ruin-relationships/ 
[1:01:15] Relationship Based Pain Points: Sample OPTIN Page https://happybuddha.leadpages.net/copy-edit-insecurities-killing-relationships/
[1:03:07] Relationship Based Pain Points: Sample OPTIN Page https://happybuddha.leadpages.net/batshit-crazy-women/
[1:05:46] Relationship Based Pain Points: Sample OPTIN Page https://happybuddha.leadpages.net/men-spot-5-alarming-insecurites/
[1:08:33] Relationship Based Pain Points: Sample OPTIN Page https://happybuddha.leadpages.net/how-to-spot-5-alarming-insecurites-in-your-woman/
[1:08:49] Relationship Based Pain Points: Sample OPTIN Page https://happybuddha.leadpages.net/5-major-insecurites-that-make-men-leavewomen-free-book/
[1:10:31] These are all the same book inside the cover. Changing cover title to better target the audience.
[1:11:52] Self Improvement Based Pain Points. Sample Optin Page https://happybuddha.leadpages.net/the-insecurity-test-deepest-fears/
[1:15:57] Here is the THANK YOU VIDEO the person sees immediately after they opted in for the kid’s self-esteem page. http://happybuddha.evsuite.com/3-min-self-esteem-67a222de-51ac-4748-aba0-364c56b/
[1:20:17] The secret weapon. The VSL: The Video Sales letter:
AN OFFER in the form of a video. Spoken audio over a powerpoint presentation.
Here is Jamie’s Videos Sales Letter.  He has offered the rights to use the powerpoint slides as a template for your own service.  However, you cannot advertise in Canada using his VSL.  If that is agreeable, I have placed the powerpoint in a zip file below on this page.
Video File As Seen online.
[1:21:49] Later this month you will have to create a user name and password. When that occurs you will have to login. http://handwritinganalysis.org/authorizedtrainers/trainers-only/wp-login.php
[1:25:27] Who can I hire to create a landing page?
www.upwork.com Place an ad. Hire someone and give them a small project… then give them more projects after they prove themselves.
Here is the web designer Jamie Cohen used for the Handwriting Landing Page:



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