July 2018 Marketing Mastermind Replays

Upcoming Events This month 

Sunday,July 29th 8:00am PST – / 11:00am EST

– Marketing Mastermind JULY 2018 

Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/546035402133457/grey-line-break


Marketing Mastermind For Trainers, Coaches, and Life Designers

Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind

Description: The webinar presentation and how to position your high ticket offers.

Date & Time of Class: 

Part 1:  1 Hour.

Keys to your webinar slide deck.

Tracking your progress.

Review and watch the 2 hour training on building the ideal webinar:

Secrets of Hosting a Profitable Webinar

Review the ideal webinar blueprint PDF FILE.  At the above page.

Audio and video equipment

What to cover and what not to cover in your 45-minute presentation.

What is your core “high ticket product” that your best most qualified clients will want to join after the see the webinar?




Part 2:  1 Hour

Detailed website review and webinar topics.

Case study: Handwriting analysis for the genealogist.

Why you should only make 1 offer (do not confuse the client)

What is the ideal CTA (call to action) for a product over $1000.

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