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Brand Story and the 3 Parts of Your Customer’s Marketing Journey





This is covered in part 2 of 2. Three circles of the customer journey.

grey-line-breakThis section is covered in the last half of part 2 of 2.

The Brand Story for Authorized Mentors.   Adapted from the work of Donal Miller  (

How to craft your brand story.

What are your key benefits that a client can expect to have

life after they enroll and complete your program?

Once you identify these emotional benefits, you need to find a story that they can relate to in order for them to see themselves in the story you are telling.

You must paint the picture for them.  Allow the hero of the story to experience the “emotional transition.” Position yourself as the guide in the story. Position yourself as the guide who can help them take this emotional journey.

Key emotional states are: status, significance, popularity, acceptance, love, success, respect, admiration, recognition, and financial improvement. 

Be the most interesting person in the room.

When you introduce yourself as a certified handwriting expert, you will get one response.

“Oh my, that’s fascinating. Tell me more.”

Imagine yourself becoming the wise sage whom your friends and colleagues come to you for advice.

Once you get the skills required to analyze any piece of handwriting, you will become the Yoda of your social circle.  You can predict the outcome of relationships, guide your clients into changing their destructive habits, and even help them sort out life’s challenges.

What’s more, your status will skyrocket as you appear on TV, in magazines, and become friends and counselors to powerful and influential people.

We help our students worldwide gain this level of recognition and service to others.

We break through the noise and help you stand apart from the amateur who calls himself a graphologist.

We help professionals who love handwriting analysis build a profitable and satisfying career.

How can we guide you to help you achieve your goals?


Links mentioned in the audio:

Portions of the 301 course which are shipped to your door:

Silver class which you can allow your clients to join:

How to write a short book quickly using the webinar method.

Below is the two-part class where you are challenged to write your own short book using the webinar method.

Mastermind Class Your Short Book – Replays


00:12:59 Bart Baggett: funnel
00:13:01 Bart Baggett: lead
00:13:03 Bart Baggett: lead magnet
00:13:05 Bart Baggett: landing page
00:13:08 Bart Baggett: free book offer
00:13:36 Bart Baggett: squeeze page
00:13:38 Bart Baggett: pixel
00:13:41 Bart Baggett: facebook ads
00:29:45 Neelam Kriplani: researched study matter
01:23:00 nidhi Gupta: short book
01:23:05 Doc Grayson: Short free book
01:23:16 Nonna Alomaja: Video
01:23:22 Paula Faccio: highly targeted articles
01:23:47 nidhi Gupta: free short book
01:23:53 Christopher Lewin: all three
01:24:14 Shrikant Paranjape: Highly targeted articles
01:24:16 Pooja Saran: Online Quiz.
01:24:24 Charles DeVries: I’ve got access to a book.
01:24:39 Charles DeVries: Thanks, and I’ll write one too
01:40:31 Nonna Alomaja: I agree!!!!!
01:42:23 Shweta Gupta: i finished my book
01:43:28 Shweta Gupta: articles
02:02:23 Paula Faccio: can you share your articles Sweta?
02:04:37 Neelam Kriplani: ARTICLE ON MY PAGE
02:05:07 Rhea Vanvari: I will write Article
02:05:41 Shrikant Paranjape: Bart I have already communicated

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