Quickly Presenting Your High-Ticket Offer in 2 minutes

How to quickly present your high-ticket offer.

“Do You want some help with that? Here is what  I have created that can solve this problem.”

I have two packages which can help you with that.  Here is what I have..

OPTION ONE takes a bit more time and requires a larger investment, but this option is the one that I recommend for you because I help you every step of the way in a one-on-one format. This one cost _____ and it will take ____ months to complete.


OPTION TWO is a hybrid group coaching program with some one-on-one to help you directly.
For some people, this is the more affordable option.  This one cost _____ and it will take ____ months to complete.


Come to class and have a 2-minute answer to this question from a client:

  • What’s your high-priced offer?
  • What’s your lower-priced offer?

Bring to class your slides and bonus items that form your high-price offer. This can be presented in a webinar, zoom meeting or in person.


This is a good article about why it is important to craft your coaching package with precision.




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