September Marketing Class: Your Big Idea. Your Big Offer. Special Guest Speaker: Brett Thomas.

Watch this in-depth replay from a business marketing expert who founded a 20 million dollar business coaching business.

Topic: Understanding Why People Invest in High Ticket Educational Course and Personal Coaching. How to find the right offer and over-deliver a life-changing experience. Special Guest speaker Brett Thomas.

Brett Thomas has been a professional executive coach and leadership expert for over 25 years. He is a co-founder of the Stagen Leadership Institute and has consulted with speakers and experts in a variety of niches.

Download the slide presentation and fill out the Nested Offer Worksheet.

Download here:

Or, you can view the powerpoint version of the presentation here. Download powerpoint

You can download the customizable NESTED OFFER slides here in powerpoint. Assignment: Fill it out for your offer.

Audio Only Part 1 of 2

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