September Marketing Mastermind Live Training

This first 20 minutes was useful to understand the frame of the webinar and live zoom class and the reason people want high-ticket coaching and how to automate the lead process and protect your time.

Part One: The 8 Sales Tricks you need to know when giving an effective zoom sales presentation or webinar.

Part Two of the 8 Psychological Sales Tricks here:

You want the powerpoint to download so you can reference it later as you watch your own replays and create a checklist for yourself in your live presentations.

Below is the 34-minute bonus session of Q and A which occurred in September 2020

Please have watched both of the August replays. If you have not watched the replays and have not watched the new content inside the Speaker Training or Signature Makeover Training, you are really going to feel overwhelmed and way behind. (replays)

This is also part of your homework before Sunday. Decide how to make your offer an “opportunity” not and “improvement” offer.

Be ready to discuss your offer and explain why it is now a blue ocean, not a read ocean.

This is unlocked here for the next few days, for those of you that do not own this speakers training course

Graphology is a commodity. Tantra is a commodity. Yoga is a commodity.

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