Become An Authorized Trainer with Handwriting University

Many of our members are certified handwriting experts who want to share their knowledge in the form of seminars, lectures, and training.

As a certified handwriting expert from any school in the world, you are free to give speeches and teach classes on the topic.  However, most schools or brands hire their own faculty and take great pride in selecting and choosing very specific talent to represent them from the stage or on the internet.   Teaching and training handwriting analysis is no different.  If you are representing yourself, you have no rules… only recommendations and strategies which you will learn as part of the mastermind. We support you in your career as a speaker using effective tools and techniques.  (Just don’t use any copyrighted material in your handouts or flyers.)

Learn more and apply here:

If you want to utilize the Handwriting University logo, brand, books, or curriculum, you will have to qualify through our Authorized Trainer program.  This guarantees our worldwide representatives adhere to a specific set of teaching standards, ethics, and contractual agreements as part of the “Authorized Trainer” program being released in 2014.  If you want to be part of a very select group of professional trainers in different cities across the world, please be very active in the marketing mastermind classes and schedule a strategy session with Bart Baggett after to get more information about the “Authorized Trainer” program’s benefits and investment options after you watch this video overview;

Handwriting University is actively looking for long-term business partners that will invest significant time building a sustainable business and a business relationship that will last decades.  In other words, we are not taking any shortcuts… because we know how to build a campus that last!

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  1. Admin · November 18, 2013 Reply

    Question from Kerry B.

    So, Bart are the chartered members going to have generic handwriting university websites?

    Answer from Bart Baggett:

    Hi Kerry, I have not released all the details of the training and benefits of becoming an “Authorized Trainer” with Handwriting University. If you complete that entire training and choose to be an “Authorized Trainer”, you would have a listing on our website and we will probably issue a branded website with the level 100 loaded to help attract new clients.

    However, the Marketing Mastermind is designed to teach marketing for independent teachers, authors, speakers, and future trainers. We will provide on non-branded video and newsletter each month for you to use for marketing to your own website. But, the Marketing Mastermind is mostly training and strategy . The low cost of this mastermind group coaching program would never allow us to offer websites and tech support and the kind of support a proper campus owner or Authorized Trainer will really need to be successful. That kind of support will come as part of a much smaller and selective group of Authorized Trainers.

    So, you are in the right place and the plans for becoming an Authorized Trainer will be released over the next 4 months. I’m glad you are excited.



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