March 2020 Your Live Event Sales Letter and Order Page

Listen to the conversation about perfecting a high converting Live Event Sales Page for Zoom Video or in-person

Here is the MP3 of the replay. Audio Only. Download and listen while you pause, write, pause, and write your own letter.

Part One of Two. Marketing Mastermind March 2020 – Copywriting your sales letter and how to utilize zoom seminars to fill your events.

Audio Download Part Two Here:

Part Two of Two: Marketing Mastermind March 2020. Note the assignment and work on your online sales letter with a “buy now” button.

Yes, this is hypothetical and you might not choose to host the event. But, ACT AS IF, you are. 

Choose a date and time and make it feel real. Yes, this could be a zoom video event and not necessarily an in-person three-day event.

Do the exercise as if there is no Corona Virus worldwide crisis… this is an exercise in writing and persuading. Reality is not important to the learning process. And, now might be a good time to offer an event on zoom video over the next few months.


The assignment was only completed by 2 people, so we went through it in class and chose words and phrases. So, listen to the replay.

And do your homework! Your homework is a 1-page Typed sales letter in WORD or PDF format with NO GRAPHICS that reads like a sales letter to your fans that have been following you for six months on social media, but you have never actually met them in person. This is not a letter to your sister but is also not a letter to a total stranger.

HERE IS HOW YOUR LETTER SHOULD START FOR THIS EXCERCISE. This is step one. Next month, you will add graphics and put it on the internet.

Dear Friend

Thanks for following my videos and post on social media the past few months. 

It’s great to share small its of insight and wisdom to you and so many other people around the world, but it’s simply not enough.  I feel like Instagram only allows me to give away spoonfuls of insight when I want to back up a truck of nourishing food to your doorstep.

Therefore, I came up with something very special and I’m writing you today to personally invite you to this one-time special event. 

Before I tell you about the live event, can I ask you a few questions… 

So, start writing your SALES LETTER , with no graphics right now.

Preparing for a live event is a perfect venue to clarify your message, get used to changing people in groups, and BREAK FREE from the one-on-one hourly model of providing transformation for people. It’s really the best way to begin to scale your knowledge and start turning yourself into a celebrity expert. Plus, you can pitch and sell ideal clients to your high-ticket LONG TERM transformational program at the live event. This long term high ticket program where long term habits can be formed and lasting change can take place with weekly or monthly interactions.

Please watch available replays and do your homework the best you can while posting on in the facebook group for feedback from fellow Mastermind Members.

The Facebook community where you post wins, questions, and samples of your sales letter for feedback. You cannot find a winning headline without TESTING and getting feedback. Use the Facebook group as a free test group:

Please watch the replay of January and February recordings to get up to speed on this ongoing assignment. One of the two hours of priceless wisdom was not recorded in February and can never be replaced. So, clear your schedule and be there live and in person. You cannot get personalized coaching and feedback when you are not present.

If you did not do your homework, you are behind. It will be more fun for everyone and check the Facebook page for feedback. If have been an Authorized Mentor for more than six months and do not attend the live events this year, you will be kicked out of the program. This is not a passive program. We can’t help you if you don’t show up.

This live class is for all current members of the Marketing Mastermind Program, Speakers, Trainers, Experts, Prism Life Design Coaches

Talk about this on Facebook and share your ideas between classes.

The Facebook community is where you post wins, questions, and stats on your campaigns:

Go here and register for the upcoming next live class:

LOOKING FOR THE LOGIN: —> Meeting ID: 810-585-320

Here are some sample sales pages you can use for inspiration to build your own.. However, don’t let the graphics distract you. Step one is the WORDS on the page.

Here is a terrific sales letter that made Frank Kern over $1 million.

Get file here. KernMassconvversionSalesLetter.PDF

Jesse Itzer sales pages

Build Your Life Resume Sales page:

Copywriting sales letter

Live Design Live Page with tickets and event details:

Unstoppable your course sales page:

Here is a bullet point summary from Frank Kern. “WHAT I GOT” simple approach.

This is from a Frank Kern training that costs about $497 / month. He is one of the top internet marketing consultants working today.

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