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  • Bart Baggett is one of America's Top Marketing Consultants, Forensic Handwriting Experts, and Professional Speakers

    Attorneys and Legal Clients: Want more information about forgery, expert witness, and legal consultations on signatures? Visit this link to learn hiring Mr. Baggett Read about Bart Baggett - Legal Consultant for Handwritten Items.

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    For the past 20 years, Bart Baggett has been traveling the world speaking to audiences and appearing on TV and radio shows. He is best known as one of the worlds' top Forensic Handwriting Experts. He is a best selling author, entrepreneur, professional speaker, trainer, consultant, and has even has appeared in feature films (just because it was on his bucket list!).

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    You may have seen him on national TV or stage discusing one of his many books, films, or a commenting on a current events as part of a top-notch legal team on prestigous networks like CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC. He hosts monthly webinars and tele-classes interviewing celebrities, experts, authors, and teaching classes to which help entrepreneurs & individuals succeed.

    Mr. Baggett's strong media background (1500 radio and TV appearances) and professional speaking ability has led him to work side-by-side with TV producers, documentary film makers, and attorney's nationwide regarding celebrity legal cases and TV shows and films on these topics. He currently works from his Los Angeles based office on a variety of projects and works with a select few attorneys on forgery related cases.

    And, if you have read Bart's new book "The Magic Question", you might want to join the newsletter and watch the many training vidoes offered to his subscriber's worldwide. This book is available for free by clicking on the book cover on this page (left hand column). Or, you can purchase via or

    And, if you are a speaker, consultant, coach, author, or expert who wants to plug into Bart's 25 years of marketing, knowledge... consider joining his private Marketing Mastermind monthly classes and access the archives of internet marketing lessons. "Learn More About the Marketing Mastermind Program here.". You also might want to learn how to get more leads using online marketing through his Perpetual Lead Machine Program or Facebook Marketing For Authors online training courses. This course is available now with a free 45 minute webinar on the home page. Or, you can visit his publishing site and check out all his products.

    Learn about Bart's TED Talk entitled "Neuro-Pathway to Happiness"

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    Want to order one of Bart's books or home study courses? Visit the catalog page for all products.

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    Want to contact Bart in person? Please call the LA office to schedule an appointment.

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    In addition to his success as an author and handwriting expert, you might recognize Bart Baggett from his many appearances on national TV commercials, feature films, or as a guest on any of the 1500 radio and TV shows over the past 2 decades (including CNN's Larry King Live [shown in the image], Paula Zhan, Howad Stern, and the Today Show.

    As the founder of one of the word's most successful schools teaching handwriting analysis, Mr. Baggett has students worldwide and campuses teaching from his books in Taiwan, India, and the USA. He has a widely read internet based self-improvement newsletter and hosts sold-out seminars worldwide on a varity of topics.

    Bart Baggett is a frequent guest expert and celebrity guest on national news and talk shows like CNN's Larry King Live, Today Show, Nancy Grace, CBS This Morning.

    Read press releases and all media inquiries visit Mr. Baggett's official media page.

    Available by appointment only.
    Los Angeles, California and Nationwide
    Telephone 323-544-9277

    "Bart is the real deal!
    I recommend him anytime
    to anyone."

    ~Nordine Zouareg
    Mr. Universe

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    Need the country's best high-profile handwriting expert to work on your legal case? Bart Baggett takes select "document examination" cases which are destined for court cases (jury or bench trials). Mr. Baggett is very selective with which cases he accepts. If you are not accepted as a client, his office will refer you to another qualified expert in your area.

    To hire Mr.Baggett to speak for your organization, help you with your online business, or consult for your lawfirm, please call the Los Angeles office directly at 323-544-9277

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