November 2017 Marketing Training Calls Replays

Marketing Mastermind #1  Sunday November 12th  – Generating Leads Every Week Marketing Mastermind Class #2 of 2  November 30th, 2017 – The 10 PIllars of your automated online business. Marketing Mastermind #1 Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind Member’s Training Description: Generating Leads Every Week. What is your best strategy? Sunday November 12th  Replay Now available.  Running […]

Mastermind Class Your Short Book – Replays

  Sunday August 13th, 2017 and Day,   – Marketing Mastermind #1 : Hosting your webinar for your short book. Thursday August 31, Marketing Mastermind #2 – Book cover and marketing facebook ads   Marketing Mastermind #1 Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind Description:   Date & Time of Class: Sunday August 13th, 2017 and Day, at 9:00 AM PST – / […]

The Perfects Speaker’s Kit for a Flood of Paid Speaking Gigs

Professional Speaking & Hosting Live Events Description: Bart Baggett’s monthly mastermind for speakers and coaches. Video Replay now available. Speaking for Big Seminars and Hosting Your Own Events Lessons from the Big Money Speaker Bootcamp Guest appearance by Seth Shapiro Guest appearance by Glen Hemanes discussing the $15,000 Speaker Speaker’s Kit Click below to […]

Member Webinars For Our Short Book Project

All mastermind members are invited to get their short book written this month using the WEBINAR SHORTCUT method described in detail on the July 30th Mastermind Training.  Go here and watch the replay if you are unclear on the assignment and process. In summary, every member is invited to host a 30-45 minute presentation using […]

July 2017 Mastermind Class Replays

July 21st Friday Morning at 8am PST  / 11:00 am EST – 8:30 pm Indian Time   – Marketing Mastermind #1 – Designing Your High Ticket Premium Package July 30th Sunday Morning at 9 am /  Noon Eastern.  9:30 pm Indian Time   – Marketing Mastermind #2 – Your First Lead Generation Book.   Marketing Mastermind #1 Title: Bart Baggett’s […]

December 2016 Marketing Mastermind Replays & Transcripts

Sunday, December 4th  – Marketing Mastermind #1 Marketing Mastermind #2 Podcasts, email list building, and choices in building an audience   Marketing Mastermind #1 Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind   Date & Time of Class: Sunday, December 4th   – Marketing Mastermind #1 Please enjoy the replay:   Running Time:  Approx 2 hours View the class video:   […]

November 2016 Live Class Replays

  Marketing Mastermind #1 Title: Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind Description: All about giving free or paid speeches that make you money. Date & Time of Class: Sunday November 6th a Watch the replay here.  2 hour class. Click below to start the video: Full Class Transcript with images here: This summary of this class was provided as a […]