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Bart Baggett is of America’s best on-air guests
with over 1600 radio and TV shows to prove it.

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To Book Bart Baggett as a guest…
Call  310-614-6593,

available Los Angeles and nationwide

Bart Baggett is Nation’s Leading Forensic Handwriting Expert.

He has been selected over and over again by local, national, and international TV news networks. For stories including forgery, handwriting, self-help, and criminal tendencies… Mr. Baggett is the media’s first choice.

Bart has commented on the nation’s leading criminal trials, forgery cases, and unsolved mysteries.

He has appeared on over 1,500 radio / TV shows (CNN, Good Morning America, Court TV, CNBC, CBS, NBC, etc). Mr. Baggett is the most TV and Media experienced handwriting expert in the world.  He even used to host a radio show on a CBS affiliate in Dallas Texas.

Why call anyone else and risk your segment being legally wrong, technically sloppy, or just boring?

Video Clips from past TV shows show below. On-Line Training Center

This video contains clips from the Larry King Live CNN Interview and Today Show.

(Bart Baggett makes TV producers look good.)

Bart Baggett

Biographical Info

Bart’s Forensic Document Examination CV and Site.


Have Bart Baggett as a Guest on Your Show or as a feature in your next article.Full length interviews available with handwriting samples and graphics emailed to you for an easy, visual, intriguing feature story. He have been the feature guest in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Biography Magazine, on Court TV, Fox News, CBS This Morning, Today Show, America’s Most Wanted, Treasure Detectives, and even on CNN’s Larry King Live.Bart Baggett Biography

Bart Baggett has become much more than an internationally recognized handwriting expert and professional speaker. He has become an entrepreneur influencing the media world, publishing industry, legal decisions, and the community of  though leaders worldwide.  Bart owns 4 businesses and even makes time to appear in feature films  and scuba dive once or twice a year.

A graduate of Pepperdine University, Bart is a court qualified forensic document examiner who’s seminars and books include Forensic Science, Brain Research, Human Resources, Personal Awareness and Transformation.

Bart is the Founder of, which trains and certifies handwriting students worldwide. He is also a highly sought after professional speaker and talk-show guest. Bart is the author of 7 books including the Amazon #1 Best Seller Handwriting Analysis 101 and his 402 page self-help book: Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy – How to design your life with financial and emotional abundance.

Below is a recent talent reel highlighting Mr. Baggett’s expertise in Forensic Handwriting Analysis:


January 20th: Obama’s Legacy: 7 Character Traits Revealed in

Barack Obama’s Handwriting Predict How Well this

President will Lead a Nation in Turmoil

January 19th: National Handwriting Week.

What Does Your John Hancock Reveal?

industries squabble over John Hancock’s real birthday

Barack O’Bama is no John F. Kennedy?

| National Handwriting Week – Graphology Bart Baggett Feature

– January 21st- 27th 2007,|

| Survey Reveals 81% Believe Handwriting Analysis is Accurate

January 21st, 2006 ( |

Liars and more Liars-


10/17/2002 Baggett analyzes terrorist anthrax letters on CNN

6/11/2001 Press Release: Timothy McVeigh . Could this happen again?

6/2001 Handwriting Analysis: Timothy McVeigh’s Prison Letters Reveal

Oklahoma bomber’s callous character.

5/2001 Bart Baggett’s New Book Reveals Handwriting Success Secrets

of the Rich and Happy – Forbes Small Business Tests his theory

| Handwriting Expert Tells School Children

Not to Listen to Their Teachers |



To Book, Call us at 310-684-3489 ext 4, available Los Angeles and nationwide.

| Hosts: How To Prepare For Radio

Interview |

| Questions for Radio and TV Interviews |

| Bart Baggett Biographical Info |



Have your personality analyzed by the country’s premier handwriting expert!


Not only can he reveal the hidden secrets of hosts, producers, politicians, and celebrities, he also discovers the strengths and

weaknesses of your children, spouses and friends. His professional and casual style puts a humorous spin on this scientific method of personality analysis.

During your interview, Bart will reveal:

  • The 5 Hell Traits in handwriting to avoid at all costs.
  • Success Traits and Failure Traits revealed in handwriting.
  • Which one letter reveals to the world your sex drive.
  • How to raise your child’s self-esteem by changing his/her handwriting!
  • How to spot lying in your spouse’ or kid’s handwritten notes to you.
  • Is your boss paranoid or just sensitive? Look at the letter d.
  • The down and dirty personality secrets of your hosts, listeners, and coworkers!


To all Producers,”Don’t put it off any longer! Entertainingguests that intrigue listeners and generate phone calls are few and far between, so book Bart Baggett now.His handwriting analysis interview jammed our fax with samples from listeners and we fielded calls the nextseveral days regarding his handwriting analysis kit. Bart will be making several more appearances on our showover the next year and I encourage you to consider him for those horribly slow days when listener response is

nil and let him make your job easier. Feel free to call for verbal references.”


Carmen Conners

The Carmen and Chris Morning Show

WSSR-Star 95.7 Tampa Bay, FL (95-00)

Now in Minn, MN (01-current)


“Bart has been a regular guest on our show since 1995. We always get phone calls faxes and

great listener response! As guests are concerned, he is a sure thing!”

-Jonathon Monk, The Monk & Kelly Show Las Vegas, NV KOOL FM

“We turned to OUR handwriting Expert.” CBS This Morning.”A great guest. The whole studio was in stitches. We will definitely have him back again.”– Lorraine Crook, Nashville,TN, Host – Crook and Chase Show“Bart is hilarious and the handwriting thing is dead-on accurate. A wonderful guest.” — Bob, Host – The Bob and Tom Morning Show Syndicated Nationwide”A bundle of energy, intelligent, and very funny! We received hundreds of faxes, and the listeners loved him.”

Greg Thunder, Host – KMPS-FM, Seattle


“Bart was great. We tried to hold him over for more segments… funny and fascinating. The entire studio didn’t wanthim to leave. Highly recommended!” — Monica Teague, Morning Show Asst. Producer – WGN-TV, Chicago,ILHere’s what they said: “You are the perfect guest.”– Mark Summers, Talk Show Host – The Biggers and Summers Show, Lifetime Television, NY”Bart makes my job easy! He’s invited back anytime. Bold. Enthusiastic.Funny.”– Jan Goldstein, Segment Producer – The Charles Perez Show – National TV

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