Suzanne Whang’s Famous Bart Baggett Interview

If anyone ever wonders why it is a good idea to spend a few months mastering the skill of analyzing handwriting, you only need to watch the video interview below with celebrity actor/ TV host Suzanne Whang.

I conducted this interview a few years ago, but it is TYPICAL of all the conversations I have with celebrities, Moms, friends, waiters, etc… they LOVE having their handwriting analyzed and we become fast friends.

Once you learn this skill, people will always remember you and your level of “deep connection” will happen faster than any magic hypnosis script, seduction tactic, or persuasion technique you’ve ever read. What’s more, it is organic and non-manipulative.

People just enjoy talking about themselves and really enjoy the fact you are interested in them. Simple human psychology.


Enjoy this 2 part video

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