Sunday, 25 Oct 2020
Category: Weekly Newsletters

Toxic Vocabulary

FEATURE STORY : Toxic Vocabulary By Bart Baggett President, Handwriting University I remember my dad teaching me the power of language at a very young age. Not only did my dad understand that specific words affect our mental pictures, but

Donald Trump: Madman or Genius?

What does Donald’s Trump handwriting reveal about his character?  Handwriting Expert Bart Baggett has recorded an extensive in depth personality profile inside this new video. Trump: A Madman or Genius ? Please leave your comments below. You must be a

What does a triangle y loop really mean?

FEATURE STORY : What Does a Triangle in the “Y” Loop Really Mean? By Bart Baggett President, Handwriting University Everyone’s always asking about handwriting strokes that aren’t in my basic books. They are especially curious about strokes the insinuate something